Enlightened Exercise

Super Slow® Strength Training

Healthy eating is critical, but it’s not enough to make your body strong. Caloric control addresses body leanness, but building stronger muscles through exercise increases basal metabolism.

Super Slow® concepts emphasize the following considerations:


High-Intensity - Super Slow® exercises involve brief activities where the muscles involved “fail” against a meaningful resistance within only 1-4 minutes.

Progression - As your body gets stronger, it requires a progressively greater exercise challenge. This challenge must be gradual and systematic.

Environment - Super Slow® provides a controlled environment which ensures maximum benefit and safety. Good ventilation and cool, dry air enables intense effort which contributes to focus and determination.

Form - In Super Slow® training, proper form is ESSENTIAL. As the name implies, this means moving at a slower speed which minimizes acceleration and momentum, controls force and reduces the potential of injury while keeping the muscles efficiently loaded.