Enlightened Exercise

Super Slow® Strength Training

Who should try it?

Today’s more active lifestyles provide plenty of motivation to stay fit. Even boomers who were too busy working, raising a family and giving back, need a solution that provides reliable results.

Super Slow® great news: you can safely build a sustainable fitness level that speeds up your metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and provides the strength and energy to move through your every day life. Though each person’s body is different, at every age lean muscle mass is our best defense; for maintaining wellness, and feeling great.  

Individuals who have strength trained for many years, are thrilled to learn they can maintain their resistance training goals and eliminate the injuries that become a worrisome side effect of long-term traditional weight training. They also appreciate getting back some of the hours they used to spend in the gym. For anyone just starting out, preteen to seniors are won over by the benefits, safety and results produced by consistent Super Slow® Strength Training.

Regardless of your current physical condition, Super Slow®is easy to stick with. Across the board, fitness advocates and clients who were new to exercise agree that there is no better way to build and maintain a substantial fitness level.